WD&M has locations in Louisiana & Florida, but can serve anywhere in the Gulf Coast Region.

Yes, the products we sell are typically offered manufacturer warranties, and WD&M has a labor warranty of one year for products installed by our crews.

Replacing windows & doors that are damaged, rotting, have seal failure, or have broken glass will improve energy efficiency, which will cut energy costs as well as add value to your home. WD&M products are thermally broken and feature insulated glass with low-emissivity coating, are custom made to fit your home, and are installed by an expert crew to ensure they are well sealed– meaning they prevent heat and cold transfer from the inside to the outside to keep your home comfortable. Additionally, new windows or doors can also add aesthetic value to your home and be a striking visual upgrade.

Any incidence of broken or foggy glass, a drafty window or door, or damaged/rotting frames may be a cause for complete replacements. In cases where a full replacement is not necessary, WD&M will service any products that we have installed– including repairing faulty hardware and replacing door inserts.

Lead times can vary by brand, time of year, and complexity of the order. For more information, ask a member of our sales team!

If we are measuring windows on the first floor of the residence, the customer does not need to be present for the initial measurement. For windows on additional floors, or for doors of any kind, the customer will need to be present to allow our salesperson to enter the residence for accurate measurements.

For all installations, the customer will need to be present to allow our installers to enter the residence.

Our crews will need access to the interior and exterior of the window or door for proper installation. All decorations, drapes, coverings and/or blinds will need to be removed from the product that will be replaced. Any special circumstances will be addressed on an individual basis with the homeowner prior to installation.

Simple replacement jobs will not affect the structure of your home. However, if you would like to change the shape of a window or enlarge a window or door opening, contact a sales representative to discuss your options!